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History of Assam Medical College : 

Assam Medical College & Hospital is the pioneer Health Institution of the Northeast Region of India. This Institute has been serving the population of this region since November 1947. The nucleus of this Institution was “Berry White Medical School” established in 1900. Sr. John Berry White, a retired brigadier of British Army and later the Civil Surgeon of the erstwhile Lakhimpur District in 1870 single-handedly ushered in the era of modern medical care and education to this part of the country. A contribution of lifetime earning of Rupees Fifty Thousand (present day valuation is more than 50 million of rupees) and a comprehensive plan to organize medical care and medical education were the contribution of the British philanthropist Sr. John Berry White. After the formation of Indian Medical Council in 1933 it was unwilling to recognize the licentiate course offered by the Medical Schools. As a result the Assam Branch of Licentiate Medical Practitioner in its annual meeting in 1938 under the chairmanship of Lokopriya Gopinath Bordoloi constituted a committee with Dr. B.C. Roy as chairman for selecting a site to establish a Medical  College in the region. After some initial wrangling the committee decided upon Dibrugarh over Guwahati and sylhet (which was a  part of Assam at that time). The famous clause in the deed and documents of the Berry white Medical school where in it was clearly mentioned that “Berry White Medical school would be upgraded but it can not be shifted paved the way for establishment of the Assam Medical College at Dibrugarh. In Dibrugarh there were two medical institution at that time Berry White Medical School and 56 command Military Hospital. The 56 command Military Hospital was established in 1943 in the racecourse of Upper Assam Tea Company with  an area of 109 acres. This Command hospital later became the site of the Assam Medical College where it stands now. After second world War in 1946 the Govt. of Assam took over the land hospital and equipment of 56 Command Military Hospital for a value of Rs. 4,04,000.00. subsequently a philanthropist of Dibrugarh Late Sri Murlidhar Jalan donated some more land of Borbari and Ethelwood Tea estate for establishing the Medical College. Now the total land are of Assam medical College is 479 bighas 0 katha and II lessa. The admission of the first batch of students was completed in September 1947. There were 65 seats but only 56 boys and 1 girl were admitted. Pre-clinical classes commenced from October 1947. On 3rd November 1947 Late Lokopriya Gopinath Bordoloi, the then premier of Assam, at a solemn and glittering function held in the abandoned hospital of the 2nd  World War formally inaugurated Assam Medical College. Dr. Hem Chandra Baruah was the first principal of Assam Medical College. In February 1948 Assam Medical College Hospital was formally inaugurated by the then governor Sri Prakash. The out Patient department and many para clinical and clinical department continued to function in the erstwhile Berry White Medical school till 1950. Only after the great earthquake of Assam on that year all the departments were shifted to the present Assam Medical college & Hospital. Twelve students of the first  batch graduated from Assam Medical College under the Gauhati University in 1952. The Indian Medical Council inspected the College and the degree was recognized and entered in the first schedule on the very first inspection in 1952. In the initial stage there were no qualified and experienced persons from the state to hold the senior faculty posts. A galaxy of brilliant teachers were recruited from other parts of the country who with their sincere and dedicated service laid the strong foundation for the future discipline, academic achievements and progress of Assam Medical College. Prof. G. D. Kapoor (surgery), Prof. P. N. Taneja, Prof. N. Gupta, Prof. B. H. P. Pai (Medicine), Prof. K. S. Grewal (Pharmacology), Prof. P.C. Nambiar (Surgery), Prof. R. G. Krishnan (O&G), Porf. A. E. Sundersan and Prof. N. C. Dey (Pathology), Prof. R. Bhattacharyya were some of those giants walked through the corridors of the newly established Assam Medical College & Hospital. Prof. S. N. Sharma was the first person from Assam to become Professor of Surgery and later became the principal of the College. Post graduate Courses were introduced in 1960 and the first batch of post graduates in General surgery and Medicine qualified in 1963. The departments of General Medicine and general Surgery were upgraded in 1965 and 1967 respectively.

Various facilities available :

Courses offered:

MBBS Capacity            = 170 Seats

i. General                      = 98   Seats

ii.15% all India Quota   = 20   Seats

iii. S.C.                          = 11   Seats

iv. S.T.(P)                    = 14   Seats

v.  S.T.(H)                    = 07   Seats

vi. B.O.C.                    = 20   Seats

Selection criteria = 10+2 minimum 50% marks for general, 40% marks for S.C./S.T.

 Mode of Selection:- By All Assam Medical Entrance Test.

 Post Graduate: (Total Seats: Degree= 73, Diploma= 30)

Degree:- Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Eye, ENT, Radio Diagnosis, Anesthesia,Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Community Medicine, Pathology, Pharmacology,   

Microbiology, Biochemistry, Physiology, Anatomy.

Diploma:- D.C.P., DCH, DMRD, D.O., D.L.O.and D.G.O.

Selection Criteria: P.G. Entrance Test

 Paramedical training :

i.GNM-intact capacity                        = 170

ii.ANM-intact capacity                       = 60

iii.Diploma in Pharmacy                    = 100

iv. Other courses Lab.Technician, Radiographer, Physiotherapy, ECG teaching.

 In service training:

i.LHV – 40 per batch- Two batches per year

ii.Health Assistant training of the Tea garden.

 Services Available:

i.  Out door services: Every day except Sunday and selected  Govt. Holidays (13  in     

    days in a year)

ii.  General services: surgery, Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology , Orthopedics,

     Plastic, Psychiatry, Chest Disease & TB.

iii.  Specialty services: Plastic Surgery, Cardio-thoracic Surgery, neurology,

      Cardiology, Nephrology, Urology and pediatric surgery.

 OPD Services: General OPD, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Chest & TB, Psychiatry, OPD-Timing: 8-1 PM.

 Emergency services: from 2 PM onwards on weekdays working day till 8 AM on Sundays & holidays-24 hours.

 Community services:

1.      Urban health center.

2.      Partnership with NGO for providing community health care services in Dibrugarh Urban area:

i.         Bogababa Majhar.

ii.       Desari club

iii.      Youngster club.

1.      Rural Community Services:

      i.  Rural Health Training Center Chabua  30 km. Away from the Assam Medical

          College under Panitola PHC.

ii.                   Rome program under Khowang PHC & Tengakhat PHC.

Diagnostic Facility available:

1.      X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT Scan

2.      ECG all biochemical & Pathological test, including Blood Gas Analysis, Histopathology etc.

3.      Radio Immuno-assay.

Service facilities:

1.  Operation Theatre = 10 ( General = 04, Pediatrics surgery = 01, Obst. & Gynae =

      02, Eye 01, ENT = 01, Paeditric surgery = 01 ), Two new Ots to be

       operationalised  soon.

2.  Dialisis unit, Intensive Coronary care unit, Telecobalt Therapy, Neonatal care unit, 

      Blood bank 24 hrs. service, Central sterilization unit, Modern Anaesthetic unit.

3.   In patient facility :  Total Beds – 1362, General  = 1321, Paying cabin General &  

       other) = 41, Paying cottage  = 02.

4.   Modern equipment:  CT Scan, Ultrasound, Laparoscope  in  (Gyane), Harmonic

       Scalpel, Theratron cobalt unit, Service automatic auto analyzer, Blood Gas   

       analyzer,  Operative microscope, Fundus camera, Laser surgery for Eye.

5. Research:

 i.    Quality assurance unit in the dept. of Community Medicine for ICMR project on.

       District Nutrition.

ii.       Complete 9 Research project under ICMR, WHO.

iii.      On going research projects.

 a.       District Nutrition Project Phase II under ICMR.

b.      Surveillance of CVD under WHO – GOI. AIIMS project.

c.       Hospital Tumor Registry.


6.   Special program:


i.      Implementation of Family Welfare program in a urban area of Dibrugarh.

ii.    R.N.T.C.P.

iii.   Family welfare program (Post-partum program).

iv.   HIV Control Program.

v.   Drug De-addiction program.


Steps taken up for up-gradation:

Improving the infrastructure:

1.   (Under NEC):  Construction of new Medical Complex , Construction of Regional

       Institute of TB & Chest Diseases, Construction of Regional Institute of

       Communicable diseases, Constuction of 30 nos. of paying cabin, Construction of

        a new OT, and repair & renovation of OT-1.


2.Under local area MP fund:

Construction of new emergency OT

Repair renovation of Female Surgical unit III & IV

Emergency repair of Toilets, Bathrooms of hospital ward.


3. Institutional Repair & Renovation:

Repair of Physiology, Histology, Microbiology and Pathology practical hall.

Repair of lecture theatre.

Providing A.V. and other aids.

Emergency repairs of toilets and wards.


Future Plan:

1.Establishing a Neuro-Science Unit-(with financial aid of M/S Stewart Hall)

2.Strengthening specialty and super specialty including infrastructure for RupeesThree hundred million under NEC.

3. Strengthening basic science teaching program by constructing building and equipment for rupees Two hundred million under NEC.        

4. Urgent repair and renovation of the existing building including Residential quarter Rs. 50.50 million.

 Any other information:

We have a Web-site of Assam Medical College, which was inaugurated on 1999.


 Principal-cum-Chief Superintendent: Prof. F. U. Ahmed, MD,MNANS

Superintendent: Prof. P. K. Dutta, DCP, M.D.

Important telephone No. 5

Principal office: 300080(O), 302374(O), 301567(R)

Fax: 301922

E-mail address:


M & G: 300022

Pathology dept.:301613

Community Medicine (SPM): 302994

Psychiatry: 302952


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