About RMRC

The Regional Medical Research Centre, Dibrugarh is a premiere reasearch institute of North East India catering to the Bio Medical reasearch needs of the eight States of this region.It is a regional centre of the Indian Council of Medical Reasearch, New Delhi.
RMRC Dibrugarh was established on 12th July, 1982. This centre initially started working on Malaria and Japanese encephalitis among communicable diseases; nasopharyngeal carcinoma, haemoglobinopathies and allied disorders in non-communicable diseases. Today besides these, the centre has also expanded its horizon of activities in the field of drug/substance abuse, oesophageal cancer, endemic goitre, cardio-vascular diseases, filariasis, dengue, dermatitis causing schistosomes and intestinal parasites and has made several significant contribution in these fields to National and International scientific literatures.

The centre is located at Bokel which is about 12 km away from Dibrugarh town on Dibrugarh-Tinsukia road.Thirty-four acrelarge campus of RMRC houses both laboratories and residential facilities besides a guest house for the visitors. The centre is equipped with all essential modern laboratory facilities, equipments, animal house, library, computers, Vsat etc.