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National Informatics Centre (NIC) is a premier Information Technology organization in India committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions for the IT needs of the Government of India at all levels. NIC carries the distinction of being the largest IT Organization in the Country and has set up a satellite based nationwide computer communication network called NICNET. The IT services of NIC range from Consultancy, Software Design & Development, Office Automation and Networking Services to Training, Video Conferencing, CAD, EDI, Multimedia and Internet Services including Web Site Development and Hosting. In every district head quarter is having its District Centre like wise Dibrugarh district is having its district Unit in the Office of the Deputy Commissioner Building , Dibrugarh. Since inception NIC is providing IT service to various State & Central Govt. Offices.


The first level of land records Computarisation Project has been completed and online of issuing of Record of Right (ROR)
The process of Digitization of village boundary maps of all the revenue villages of the dist- rict is completed.
NIC Dibrugarh unit started Digitization of Cadastrial Maps (VANDYKE MAP) of all revenue circles.
Training imparted to all the Officers/Staffs of The Deputy Commissioner's office, Dibrugarh.
Establishment of Public Faciliation Counter which provides Govt. to citizen services through single window application.
Establishment of local area network in the premises of the DC Office, Dibrugarh and providing internet connectivity to selective users.
Setting up the video conferencing studio in DC Office, Dibrugarh.
Organising workshops, meetings, demonstration sessions on the web portal of Assam Agri-Business Consortium (ASHA).
Generation of CHITHA (field index) started from the existing database of jamabondi (ROR).
NIC has also played a vital role in running the CIC (Community Information Centre) projects in all the seven blocks under Dibrugarh district succesfully.
Development of web GIS based village level information system (VIS) is going on.
The process of computerisation extensibly used for parliamentary & assembly election. NIC dibrugarh is the key player behind the functioning of various cells viz., computer cell, appointment cell, data management cell. The grouping of a polling party and assigning it to the polling station is done using RANDOM GENERATION TECHNIQUE as prescribed by ECI.
NIC- Dibrugarh developed a comprehensive database of all the polling stations, school information system, PHE habitation survey, aies etc.
Taking initiative of E-Governance application like PAYROLL SYSTEM of DC Office Staffs, BAKIJAI ( Loan Recovery system) etc.
Design and development of Official web site of District Administration of Dibrugarh and regular update

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