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INTRODUCTION:- Sarba Siksha Abhijan Mission(SSA) is an effort to universalize Elementary Education by community ownership of the school system. It is a response to the demand for quality basic education all over the country. SSA is to provide useful and relevant elementary education for all children in the age group of 6 to 14 by the year 2010. There is also another goal to bridge social, regional and gender gaps, with the active participation of the community in the management of schools.

Basic Objectives of SSA:

1.All children in school, Education Guarantee Centre, Alternative School, ‘Back to School’ by 2003.

2.All children complete five years of primary schooling by 2007.

3.All children complete eight years of elementary schooling by 2010.

4.Focus on elementary education of satisfactory quality with emphasis on education for life.

5.Bridge all gender and social category gaps at primary stage by 2007 and at elementary education level by 2010.

6.Universal retention by 2010.



List of Officers and Staff of Office of the District Mission Co-orodinator, Dibrugarh.


Name of Officer/Staff


Phone No.


Sri Ramesh Kr. Hazarika

District Mission Coordinator



Sri Pradip Hazarika

Assiciate District Mission Coordinator



Sri Bimala Kanta Doley

District Project Engineer

2313309 ®


Sri Giyas Ali

Finance & Accounts Officer



Sri Munindra Kr. Saikia

District Programme Officer (TT)



Sri Dilmoni Changmai

District Programme Officer (IED)

286388 ®


Sri Sanjoy Chakraborty

District Programme Officer (AS)



Sri Guna Hazarika

District Programme Officer (CM)



Parbin Sultana

District Programmer

94351-20438 (M)


Sri Tikendra Nath




Sri Madan Ch. Konwar


2315260 ®


Smti Nivedita Baruah

District Urban Coordinator

2327990, 2317788 ®


Sri Sanjib Kr Gogoi

Associate District Programme Officer(TT)



Sri Lakshmi Prasad Dowerah

Junior Accounts Officer

2316722 ®


Sri Dilranjan Dutta




Sri Biswajit Gogoi

Electronic Data Processor

2370583 ®


Sri Chiranjib Borgohain

Electronic Data Processor

95373-2323621 ®


Smri Bobita Borah Sonowal

Uppper Division Assistant

2322154 ®


Sri Diganta Baruah




Sri Arup Sharmah

Assistant Nazir

2570468 ®


Sri Diganta Gogoi

Lower Division Assistant

2310997 ®


Smti. Monoroma Dutta Buragohain

Lower Division Assistant



Miss Reeturani Paniphukon


03754-227487 ®


Sri Bulbul Saikia

Grade IV



Sri Jayanta Chetia

Grade IV



Sri Dharmeswar Gogoi

Night Chowkidar




Early childhood Care & Education ( ECE ) : Early childhood Education is the pivot of all stages of education. It is the foundation of which the there stages like Primary, Secondary & higher Education is built. SSA Assam also Pay little attention on ECE by providing support to the Ka- sreni by Anganwadi Workers. The total of 238 nos. of AWW is engaged in the District. In the workshops conducted by District Personnel, various TLM kits have been prepared and distributed. UNICEF has also supplied another 1000 kits shortly in the District particularly to the flood affected area.


Education Guarantee Scheme (EGS ):-  Under this scheme total 90 nos of EGS centres have already been established in this District. Out of these 90 only 18 are opened in the Tea Garden areas where 540 children are being taught. Recently, an additional 30 centres have also been opened in the demanding areas totalling the figure to 120. The students, who has successfully completed their course under this scheme has been enrolled in the nearby formal schools.        


Long Term Bridge Course ( LTBC ) :- In order to bring the out of school children of age group 8 – 10 , efforts were made to open the centres for LTBC centres. 100 nos such centres have already been opened in this District and Total 3004 nos of out of school children of age group 8 – 10 are being taught. Out of these 100 nos only 43 LTBC centres are opened where 1075 children are being taught in the Tea Garden areas.


Community Mobilisation (CM ) :- Under this component, the following committees were formed in the district and all the meetings of peoples committees were completed. The total nos. of peoples committees are as follows-

a) G.P.E.C                      95

b) V.E.C.                        1367

c) S.M.C.                        1507

d) T.G.E.C.                     167

e) W.E.C.                        31

 The regular Peoples’ committees meetings are held in different levels.


Teacher Training ( TT ) :- Under the Mass Teacher Training Programme total 3724 nos of primary teachers and 682 nos of upper primary teachers of formal education have been trained trough the guidance of the DIET during the year 2005-06. These teachers are imparting education to the children of the age group 4 -14 in the various educational institutions methodically and scientifically with the help of prepared Teaching Learning Materials. Furthermore, 189 SS-I(Siksha Sarathi-I) and 22 SS-II (Siksha Sarathi-II) have been engaged in various needy formal schools to provide academic support having duly trained by District Support personals and Resource Persons as well. In addition to this, every teacher of Lower Primary School and Upper Primary (Phase-wise) are getting a 20 days In Service Training every year to enhance the academic environment in the district.

Integrated Education for Disabled Child (IED):-There are various programmes for the educational benefits of mild and moderate category disabled child in SSA. There are more than 3,000 disabled children in the district. To teach the disabled children, already 200 nos. teachers have been trained up and already engaged 6 nos. of IED Resource Teachers in the district. More over the IED volunteers are also engaged in all GP to provide home and school support. The Medical Assessment Camp is being held from time to time and free aids and appliances is being given to the disabled child of the entire District. One NGO named, Mrinal Jyoti Re Habilitation Centre is extending cooperation to this component. To monitor the functions of IED, a resource group also has been established consisting DPO (IED) and a lecturer from DIET.

Special Focus Group (SFG) :- All the Tea Gardens of the District are categorized as Special Focused Area. In addition to 101 nos. of Disadvantaged and Remote and Educationally Backward areas are identified under this SFG stream. Already 18 nos. of EGS Centers and 43 nos. of LTBC Centers have been opened under these SFG areas under the banner of ‘Natun Diganta


Free Text Book:-  Already SSA, Dibrugarh have supplied free text book to all Lower Primary , Upper Primary including Tea Garden Managed Schools.

Deprive Urban Children (DUC) :- The NGO, SEWA is working with the coordination of the District Urban Coordinator for educational up liftment of urban deprive children.

In Dibrugarh Sadar, a total no. of 2439 DUCs were identified and enrolled 601 DUC in class-1 during enrolment drive. In STBC programme 215 DUC of age 7 years were mainstreamed in the nearby LP schools. Moreover, remedial support was given in 31 LP schools where DUC were enrolled in Class I and STBC mainstreamed children in Class-II in out of school hours.

In Dibrugarh town, 17 nos. LTBC Centers were identified and opened in 13th August’03. Moreover, reading enhancement programme during summer vacation was conducted in 12 LP schools of Dibrugarh town for one month in an experimental basis which results in a grand success.

          Moreover, 30 Jyoti Kendras has been set up late last year and are functioning in various town areas of the district.

Civil Works (CW) :- Civil works has constructed various school buildings in the district priority-wise. To see the physical progress of civil works under SSA, Dibrugarh.

Management Information System (MIS):- All the data relating to all components are available in MIS section of SSA, Dibrugarh. Moreover, 20 nos. of Middle English schools of the district have been selected for Computer Aided Learning in Elementary Schools Project (CALiES which have been renamed as SMART SCHOOLS) and they have been provided 4 nos. of p-IV multimedia computers each. Two teachers from each school (Math/Science & English) have been deputed for Computer Awareness Programme and they have been engaged for the purpose. The content of the course has been transferred to Compact Disks with tempting audio and graphics animation, so that students can learn with fun. 

SSA believes in the enormous power which is inherently available within the society and by creating a sustainable interface between the government and the social forces, pledges itself to bring revolutionary changes in overall development of the children, the most valuable assets in our society.

New Initiatives Undertaken for the next 5 (Five) years.

1.Cent Percent enrolment of the age group 6-14 years.

2. Implementation of non-retention policy.

3.Computer education to all children.

4.Providing infrastructure facility to all schools.

5.Construction of new buildings for schools, repairing & renovation of dilapidated schools.

6. Involvement of Community and cent percent participation.

7.Providing scope for Girls’ education in all villages.

8.Mass teachers’ training for quality education in new approaches.

9.Providing free text books & uniforms for all school children.

 Physical Report of SSA Civil Works Activities as on July 2005

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